Passionate about Product Development

At Marcucci Consulting (pronounced “mar-KOO-chee”), we truly are passionate about product development. Whether you need additional capacity for new products, or need to leverage our expertise to refine your product, we can bring this passion to you. Our team members each bring this passion and a drive for excellence to each of the clients that we service.

Our Team – Todd Marcucci

Todd has an extensive background in product development and engineering management. He began his career while still pursuing his B.S. in Engineering at Texas A&M in College Station, developing some of the first commercial advertising outdoor LCD displays for Texas Digital Systems. After graduating, Todd worked in telecommunications product design and sustaining engineering at Marconi/Reltec on their digital loop carrier systems. He then began expanding his abilities to engineering & project management while working at Littelfuse, transitioning from telecommunications circuit protection design & applications engineering, to local and then global lab management. Todd was responsible for the coordination and centralization of Littelfuse’s lab facilities during their consolidation of semiconductor products into the Wuxi, CN wafer fab operation.

Todd was most recently Vice President of Research & Development for Good Earth Energy Conservation/eFleets. In this role he was responsible for taking the initial concept for the Firefly EV, assembling the engineering team, and transitioning the product from the concept/prototype phase into initial production. Todd was also responsible for developing the initial production line and processes, and providing field support and service for the product.

Capitalizing on his knowledge of the automotive industry, Todd has assembled the team members of Marcucci Consulting to leverage their diverse knowledge base and offer product development and homologation services to a variety of different customers both in and out of the automotive industry.

Our Team – James Adams

James is an extremely capable product designer and project manager. James began his career at General Electrodynamics Corporation in Engineering, primarily in 2D drawing and 3D CAD design development of mechanical assemblies. He also served as the principal I.T. specialist, designing and maintaining various servers and networks. He then continued to develop these skills at Advanced Microcontrols, Inc., developing 3D mechanical and electrical assemblies for the elevator, aerospace, and automotive industries. While there he continued in the role of lead I.T. specialist, enhancing the AMI network and server capabilities, bringing in-house the web site and email hosting as well as many other improvements.

James was most recently the lead Mechanical Engineer for Good Earth Energy Conservation/eFleets. While there, he was responsible for leading the design effort in creating the engineering specification for the Firefly EV from the initial prototype and customer input. James was also the lead engineer on several of the major vehicle systems, such as the frame, rear suspension, and interior. In addition to this, James worked to coordinate the activities of other engineers working on various other systems, as well as serve as the homologation & regulatory expert, and also the head of I.T.

Leveraging this diverse background, James has made himself a key member of the team at Marcucci Consulting, providing invaluable expertise in product design & homologation.

Our Team – Andy Kluck

Andy KluckAndy is an extremely accomplished electrical designer with an extensive knowledge of analog, digital, and software design. He began his career after graduating the University of Texas in Austin at Alcatel (Rockwell Collins) designing hardware modules for DS3/DS1 and SONET telecom systems. While there he also implemented numerous improvements in integrity and reliability of existing products. Andy continued working in telecom at Yotta Networks, further developing his design skills, working on the architecture for a multi-terabit distributed optical switching platform.  He then moved from telecom to RFID at Veruscan (Caducys), developing the reader for transponders used to track and detect medical instruments for use in surgical procedures.

This diverse background served Andy well when he became the lead Electrical Engineer for Good Earth Energy Conservation/eFleets. In this role, Andy was responsible for designing and implementing the architecture of the Firefly EV. This architecture included a number of industry standards in its design & compatibility, from the SAE J1772 charging interface, to various CAN protocols used by hardware that was incorporated into the design. Andy created numerous features not before seen in a vehicle of this size/class, including an active Stability Control system and real-time, on-board datalogging.

Andy’s diverse background in both analog and digital design, as well as software design, makes him a critical member of the Marcucci Consulting team.